Want to Win The House For Way Below Asking Price? Avoid Showing All Of Your Cards When Making The Deal

How To Get The Lowest Price For The House Possible

Buying a home is very complex, as negotiations are required. The can be tricky, because you could lose out on details you could have gained, or maybe even skipped over a loss. Here are the biggest mistakes you can make when negotiating the purchase of a house. Read on: Four Critical Real Estate Negotiating Pressure Points.

You must try to understand the seller, as each seller is different. Every person is different and unique; all of us have our own set of fears. Sellers are human, after all. They are people who happen to be selling their home. You must question what the current pressures on the seller is regarding this house. Has it been on the market for a year? Have the other homes in the neighborhood also been slow to sell? 

Find out how long a listing has been in the MLS, the current temperature of the surrounding market, and other things in that nature. See: Three Negotiating Mistakes That Sellers Make. This is where your realtor comes in; if they are a good realtor, they should know many of these facts. However, with the availability of this type of information readily available online, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be looking up all of the information as well and then collaborating with your realtor on the research. You can never have enough information.

Never show all of your cards! It is probably the worst mistake you can make in any negotiation whether it is for a dress at a retail store, purchasing a card, and playing poker. A good rule of thumb not just in buying a home, but in every aspect of your daily life, divulge as little about yourself as possible. For example, if you want to pay all-cash for the house, the sellers don’t need to know this. If they know, they will keep firm on the asking price, as they know you can more than well afford it. See: Rules to Boost Your Negotiating Skills.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With any glittery thing we see in life, we tend to grab onto it thinking “But this is the only one I’ll ever want.” In reality, if you have multiple options to begin with, you don’t immediately become attached to this “one perfect home.”

You will be able to take emotions out of the equation, which is essential when purchasing a house. The seller automatically wins when you’ve decided to will take their home no matter what the cost. You should be willing to walk away, and this will be easier for you if you actually are. The way to do this is by having a couple other options that you love, and would be upset, but o.k. if you missed out on this one.

Do not just communicate through outlets such as phone, fax, and e-mail. The most effective way to influence or persuade a seller is face-to-face. Again, this is true for anything in life. This is because when negotiating in person, you get to see the sellers body language, and pick up on cues such as their voice tone.

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  1. Never let a seller know why you are selling, if you can avoid it. Don’t ever give a specific reason such as “well, it needs a new roof and we can’t afford it,” or, “the taxes are so high we can’t pay them anymore.” Let the buyer figure those things out on his or her own…or not. It’s not up to you to “warn” them of foreseeable expenses. It may seem dishonest, but really it isn’t.

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