If You Want to Get Above Asking Price For Your Home, Don’t Make These Mistakes That Will End Up Lowering Your Sales Price

Sellers often skip over important, yet usually obvious ways to help them sell their home. Here are the most common ones that are made. Many owners misrepresent the facts about their house. Read on: 7 Tips on Taking the Emotion Out of Real Estate Negotiations.

While it may be tempting to describe your family room as “a dream come true with more space than you could possibly imagine” in order to entice prospective buyers, you’ve got to remember that once a buyer arrives and discovers the room is “fine” but nothing special, they’ll wonder what else you might be exaggerating about.

Don’t describe the kitchen as “completely renovated with stainless steel appliances,” but yet you really just added a stainless steel refrigerator and left the other appliances outdated, buyers will notice this was exaggerated and be turned off. Honesty is always the way to go. See: Unenforceable Contracts: What to Watch Out For.

Other sellers tend to list their homes at the wrong time of year. Many studies have been done to determine when the right, and most effective time to sell your home is. However, there are times where you really do need to move on a whim and don’t have an option to wait for the better times, or season. If you do have the luxury of waiting to sell your home until the right time, there are important things to keep in mind. Read on: If You Want to Sell Your House, Start Doing These Things Now.

The most obvious (yet highly debatable) plan is to wait until after the holidays to sell your home. The reason this point is argued is that most buyers are not looking for a home during the holidays. Instead, they are spending time with their family and friends. Some sellers won’t agree to a fair contract. They want everything their way.

When sitting down with an agent make sure you are comfortable with the leng
th of the listing contract, as it is hard and sometimes impossible to change after the contact is signed. Therefore, both parties (the realtor and the seller) should come to a solid agreement on this matter. The number of days will usually be determined by the area of your home, and how fast other homes in the area are selling.

One of the worst mistakes to make is not having a sales strategy. Any home up for sale should be listed pin the MLS, as well as open houses, classifieds, Trulia, and many other outlets. There is no excuse in this day and age, to not be able to properly advertise your home. Make sure the realtor you have is well experienced in utilizing the Internet.

All sellers get excited when their realtor calls and tells them they have an offer on the home. However, if you don’t negotiate the deal properly, many things could go wrong. Some owners absolutely refuse to be flexible in a buyer’s demands or requests, as the seller often feels that they are selling their home for lower than it is worth. Sellers have emotional attachments to their home, and their judgment and assessment of the value of their home is skewed. Instead of going on hard numbers and facts, they let their emotions get in the way.


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  1. Sellers should be sure that they don’t get greedy when it comes to negotiations. Especially if this is the first bite they’ve had on their house in a while. If you counter with a very high amount, you may irritate the buyer and they might walk. Be fair with your counter-offers.

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